About Drones4India

At drones4india.in ,we want to make India self reliant in Drone and allied industry
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Multi- purpose dronesDrone in India.. redefined

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further.
Leverage technical advance drones various use – agriculture drone , logistic drones, surviellance drones etc
Surveillance Drones- Best suited for construction sites , crowded area, Law enforcement
Commercial drone licence -Helping people to get licence for drones from DGCA
Agriculture Drone
Affordable agriculture drones a.k.a KISSAN DRONES to boost agriculture activities in India
GPS powered
GSP empower Drones Operator to manage and operate drones in a easy and successful way

Drones are the next big revolution.Drones for every Need

Drones can be used on Agriculture, Land Monitoring, Survey, Law Enforcement, Riot Control,and logistic delivery
Over 000′ of happy similing faces that experience changes in live witn drone
We are making Earth a little Greener with drones Assisted afforestration
Drones with increased efficiency with increased flight time
Advance sensor makes drone more viable to use for varied industries
Redefining Indian Drone Market

About Drones4india.in

Drone is the key to next revolution

Drones4india- We are on a mission to make India self-reliant on Drones by 2030. Engaged in manufacturing of drones, Sales, service of drones, and helping people of India get valid Licence from DGCA.

Started in 2022, as A startup in the Desert city of Thar Desert, we are one of the leading startups in drone and allied sectors.

Our Mission :- 

  • Making India a drone superpower by 2030 and making a contribution to this national project.
  • Encouraging the use of drones in various sectors like medical logistic supply, Agriculture drones
  • Empowering farmers and agriculture activists to use drones and save a lot of time and efforts
  • Protect Soil by optimum use of fertilizers and pesticides etc
  • Saving national wealth by saving fertilizers use and saving subsidy on it

Drone Assisted Farming

At drones4india, we are commited to design and develop drones that provides value to farmer , Decrease their efforts with increase in productivity
We work on PPP model i.e People , Planet , Profit . Our policies are people (Farmer )cerntric. We are decreasing usage of fertilizers and pesticides to make this planet a better place to live and by saving time and money we are increasing profitability of farmer and govt as well


    Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products whereas parallel platforms.