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Overview of Agriculture Industry in India

India been A agriculture based economy since times unknown . The core sector that won title of Golden Bird for India , since time unknown .

Currently it provides employment to 58% of country’s population in direct or indirect way and a whooping 18% of GDP is been shared by agriculture directly and approx. 11% of GDP is based of agriculture based industries . Making it largest stakeholder in Indian Economy with approx. 29% of GDP stake in its portfolio

Agriculture been a major source of income in rural area. With a huge population of 130 CR or 1.3 Billion people , agriculture becomes more important than anything else to feed huge population. Alike other sector agriculture sector is showing a growth of 2.1% annually  and a gross turnover of  about 245 Billion $ .

Regardless of all these facts Indian Agriculture needs a major makeover , much bigger that what has been witness in late 80’s , commonly called as Green revolution. India’s ever-growing population , limited land resources, decrease in Soil fertility , Erosion due to natural and man made activities etc. , to over come this , we need to introduce some major changes in our practice that can not only enhance productivity, but gives us a  cutting edge capabilities to manage use of resources like water irrigation, use of pesticides , use of fertilizers , increase farmer income or ROI on agriculture activities


Recently Indian Gov. in its Union budget announces special benefits for uses of drone in agriculture and name it as Kisan drones .

The prime target of Indian government is make agriculture drone available to farmer with features that can help farmer generate better ROI from Agri and related activities.

Drones represent the major technological shift  in 21st century. Earlier drones are used only a flying camera with some sort of remote control technology that can capture beautiful pictures from a different angle or either drones are used on tactical and military purpose that can do some kind of surveillance or even attack in some cases

But now the drones are evolved to solve modern day problem in a modern way Drones are now capable to firefight in high rise building , Law enforcement , agriculture activities, surveillance, works as a flying Internet router , fishing , and many more

Definitely drones are going to change the world. but there are two fields that are expected to make a major change by introduction of drones  these are Military (tactical use) and agriculture drones

Let talk about agriculture drones now

Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

Agriculture is expected to be biggest beneficiary in world by drone technology

Drone assisted farming will be a reality in future . Let check benefits of using Drones in agriculture

  1. Analyzing the fields
    • identifies the territory that need to be mapped and perform the future instructions , establishing boundaries , analysis fields and feed it to drone navigation system .
    • Making pictures of fields from aerial view , collect data and other information to analyze it later
  2. Irrigation management
    • Modern day drones come with various sensors that can sense the requirement of water and can instruct the water pump system accordingly , this will introduce best water management practice, and prevent wastage of precious natural resources like water and electricity to run the pump set
  3. Crop heath Monitoring and surveillance
    • Fungal and other infection can  decrease the productivity , additionally  this infection can spread and  then require larger  amount of pesticides to control .
    • Present day drones are smart and fitted with infrared spectrum sensors that works as a early borne warning mechanism . Infected plants emits different green light and near infra red spectrum (NIRS) , which can be recognized by drones
    • Once identified the source of infection can be removed or nullified to prevent further infection
    • This will not only prevent spread of infection , but also lessen the use of pesticide and fungicide
  4. Crop damage analysis
    • Modern day drones are fitted with RGB(Red Green and Blue) sensor and NIRS
    • With help of this , drones can provide accurate data of area affected by pest and fungus
    • Thus drone can analyze how much pesticide or fungicide is needed and in which area
  5. Field Soil Analysis
    • Drone assisted farming also includes soil analysis . which help of multispectral sensor , drone can easily analysis , soil nitrogen level , moisture level etc.  Precise Photogrammetry/ 3D mapping permits farmers to analyze their soil conditions thoroughly.
  6. Planting
    • Drones today are capable of shooting pods/ capsules in fields with seeds and nutrient that are required in a best proper ratio. this increase productivity and decrease cost by 85%
  7. Agriculture spraying
    • The most crucial role of drones in agriculture
    • Drone fitted with sprayer can sprinkle micro droplets of fertilizer , pesticides and insecticides
    • This help save up to 80% of fertilizers and pesticides due to its optimum use
    • Spraying by drones are 5 times faster as compared to other method
    • Human control drones via remote  therefore there are lesser chances of farmer to come in direct contact with chemicals that are sprayed
  8. Livestock tracking
    • Apart form farming drones also assist in performing allied farming activities like tracking livestock, by use of RGB spectrum and thermal scanners

Conclusion statement on Agriculture Drones in India

Undoubtedly Drone are going to introduce revolution in Indian agriculture and will benefit largest sector of Indian economy and positively effect 50 % of India’s population , but still we are miles to go before we sleep. Public and Private sector in India need to make sure we overcome the hurdles that are waiting for us , we need to train the farmer to use it , Make it multilingual to over come language barrier , relaxing drone license process , subsidy on  buying a agriculture drone and its spare parts

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Drone Assisted Farming

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