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Indian Army invites Garuda, an MS Dhoni backed Drone startup to provide its expertise

August 26, 2022by dkdipanshu

Indian Army is now looking to upgrade for Modern warfare and rising threat of cross border activities via drones

The emerging drone Startup of India – GARUDA AEROSPACE, is in news again .

MS Dhoni Backed Drone startup has been invited by Indian Army to provide its expertise and latest technology to neutralize upcoming challenges of modern warfare, specially suspicious activities of Drones in border areas of Jammu Kashmir , Punjab and Rajasthan

Recently incidents have been reported where drones are been used to illegally smuggle suspicious  items including drugs , arms and ammunition to destabilize India.

To combat this Indian Army has invited Garuda Aerospace to provide its expertise in Drone to help Indian Army neutralize these threats.

Garuda Aerospace which is one of the prominent drone startup was in news when MS Dhoni has invested in drone startup and secondly when they collaborate with Malaysian Gov. to establish a production unit

Seems excited with the invitation. Garuda Aerospace founder and CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash says  “Garuda Aerospace has created significant traction by deploying drones for unique applications to support the Indian Army and now will be using multiple purpose drones for strategic and tactical operations,”

Garuda has been invited to send their technical team to understand the requirement of Indian Army whilst executing their nation duties and can surely make a proud out of it

On the Other hand DRDO is also on its toes to provide highly sophisticated attack drones with high caliber perform strategic and tactical  operations

It seems that Indian establishment is having keen focus on drone segment no matter it been a Transportation drone, military drones or agriculture drones.

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